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here, I am displaying my little bits for all who may find them.
I hope you enjoy them.


Jalina ~+~ Touch

Jessy's Tales-- outline only, details to come later

Jalina's story

Upon waking from a deep sleep, sometimes you cling to the dream, hoping to drift back into the moment. But the dream escapes, burning off like fog in the morning sunlight. These dreams have taught me much. Lifetimes I've spent dreaming. My life, or that of another I do not know; what I do know is that I have more to live...

Soft, warming breezes blow in off the sea. Sunlight pours in through the window, the sheer curtains do little to shield the room from the dawn. Jalina wakes, and rises from her pillows. Although she has taken her vows, her position in the temple does not yet allow her to sleep on a bed. She folds her covers, places them in her trunk and puts the pillows on top of the trunk. Her sleeping garments are her waking garments. Soft folds of linen caress her curves, yet hide them from eyes. Although modesty is not a virtue known to her people, members of her order, the Kiishna, cover their bodies as to not be distracted by them.

In Talin, the island of Jalina's birth, the Kiishna healed, taught, and counselled the leaders. They were highly respected, and to be chosen to be a member of their order gave pride to the entire family should one of their children be chosen. Not to be taken lightly, vows were sacred. The order increased its ranks through not only seeking talented youths from the general population, but it would also mate some of the more talented females with nobility, for noble bloodlines were valued, and many times brought strength that was needed for the arduous training.

The nobility did not war to gain position. They did not need to, for the right of the Tek-inoria family to rule was unquestionable.

The island upon which they lived gave long life and great health. People did not die from illness there. After they'd spent their years, they would choose to move on to another lifetime-- in either Talin, or another place of their choosing.

Jalina is young. She is talented and learns quickly. She is basically an altar-girl, and performs the daily rituals carefully. She is before the public, but must not contact them. She's permitted contact with her family, but no one outside her own blood. Most Talinians do not attend these daily rituals-- but the Tek-Inoria family does.

And it is during these rituals that she begins to notice the second son of the King- Jesson. Half a head taller than she, and dark and brooding as the sea in a storm. Amazing eyes that flash like emeralds, and a natural grace and power that draws her to him. Lithe and agile, he moves gracefully, but purposely. She watches him without being noticed, drinking him in to herself.

She sees that he watches her. When she feels his glance upon her skin she tingles from the soles of her feet to her navel. To touch him would mean death. Yet she aches for him, to feel that tingle throughout her body to the core of her being. To be noticed being drawn would cause severe reprocussions of solitude.

Years pass. Youth still clings as years do not touch Talinians.

She grows in power and talent. Now she assists the Templars with the rituals. She has ascended to one step below the leaders. A knock comes to her door in the middle of the night. She arises from her bed. "Tk'yaa is to be performed. You have been chosen." Her pulse races for she has never been with a man before. Tk'yaa is the mating which occurs between nobility and Kiishna.

She follows the templar. Light eminates from his skin brightening the hallway.

They stop at a door. The templar opens the door for her and she sees a room. There is a bed, and a man standing next to it. Her breath catches. "Is this not what you wanted all these years? Do not think that we choose matings randomly." She nods, and enters. The templar closes the door, and her attention focuses on the man.

He looks at her. She's backed up as far as she can against the wall, afraid to move, afraid that it's only an illusion or a dream and to move would cause it to fade.

"You look like you think I might hurt you. I won't"
Jalina stammered a response, all her training and poise failing her ".. Jessson?"
She approached the bed, apprehension welling up inside, mixing with the desire she'd felt for so long. He took her into his arms, and held her, stroking her shining black hair. After a few minutes, he lifted her chin, and looked into her eyes. When their gaze locked, it was as if they had transcended time and space. She was inside him, and he in her. Minutes faded into years, and years into eons. He finally closed his eyes and broke the connection. "Jalina, I've watched you for years, always out of my reach. I've waited patiently, for I knew the time would come for me to choose a Kiishna to be with for a night."

Jalina wrapped her arms around Jesson, laying her head on his chest. She ran her hand along the lines of his muscles, and felt the tingle of contact in her fingertips. She looked up at him, her eyes filling with wonder "You've watched me?"

"Every minute. It ripped me apart to not be able to ever touch you, to feel your warmth, to feel you respond to my touch."
Jalina shut her eyes tight, putting her forehead on his chest, the top of her head just grazing his chin. She thought of all the times she'd watched him as well, wondering if she'd ever get to experience what she was feeling now. He lifted her chin again, and pushed her hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ears. Caressing her cheeks, he continued "I'd hoped that you'd feel the same for me." He traced a finger along the lines of her face. When he got to her lips, she took his hand to her mouth and kissed his palm.

Looking up at him, she responded "have you ever had a dream so intense, so .. so perfect. Where you're with someone and they make you feel so whole that you don't want to wake up? And when you do, you get hit with such sadness at being away from them? I've dreamt that every night since I first saw you."

Jesson wrapped an arm around Jalina's waist, drawing her nearer. Leaning down, he kissed her lips gently. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body close into his. He moved down from her lips to her neck, nibbling at her pulse points. He moved up to her left ear, and his breath on it made her tingle. "I want this to be perfect." he whispered, and kissed her.




Smooth skin kissed by the sun beckons my touch-
I want to reach out and run my hands along your shoulders, take their tension.
I want to massage your body with mine,
feel your heat, melt into your fire.
I thirst to taste your sweat, to make you tingle beneath my touch,
to take you into myself and for once and forever feel whole.
I want to swim inside your soul;
Morning sun dabbles pink-orange frosting on the waves.
Climb to the surface tingling,
breathing clean air as I feel you around me
moving me, moving with me


while meditating

Close your eyes- let the velvety smooth blackness envelp your senses
At first, there is only the darkness, then stars appear- zooming, passing, flashing
Clouds of light overtake the stars, linings of light, oranges, greens, then the eyes appear. dive into the retina and down you go into the wirlpool. colors are more intense here, they swarm and swirl. snapshots break thru. a hand, a wall, a face. sometimes the snapshots come with movement


stretch out the night,
hide me in your darkness
hold me in your depths,
bring your comfort to my soul
Stars light my path
moonbeams shine like silver rainbows
your velvet sky around my body numbed with cold
how can we find a heat that's long everlasting
how can we find a warmth that heats up these bones
how can you feel the warmth reflected in the moonlight
embrace its darkness now, let the knowledge fill your soul
Close now your eyes, shut out the lightness
open up your mind, and let yourself take ease
shed all your cares, worries fade from thinking now
cast out your cares, settle in and be at peace


book notes: Many moons ago, before the glaciers crossed the plains scarring them with rubble, a young priestess fell in love with a prince. But the love was forbidden. She dared not tell anyone for her duty was to her purity- of heart, mind, soul. And he was bound to his duties as the second son of a king. Covert glances were all they could share. She feared she would be discovered, that her aura might be seen reaching out for him. that her dreams might be known, that he too lover her and would not be able to shield these feelings from the masters. She only knew what she felt for this prince. She had no chance to touch him, or to try and sense him for fear of being discovered. Vows were not taken lightly, nor made too young. a member of the priest class had to reach full maturity of mind to take the rites. The class was open to all regardless of birth. cultivators, craftsmen and nobility were allowed to leave their former lives and dedicate themselves and this is what jalinjen chose. so her heart ached with hidden longing. days passed into years, years into centuries. the old king stepped aside to let the oldest son rule. relieved of this title of second heir, the prince had more time to deovte to his soul searchings- which brought him into closer contact with jaliaJen. Aging was brought on by sorrows, and there were few. and so they remained for centuries. able to bear this no longer, jaliaJen set her room in order. she finished manuscripts or delegated thier finishing to one of her order. and then she went to the prince and spoke- I cannot be with you in this lifetime, nor you with me. he reached for her hand, but she backed away, tears welling in her eyes. I must leave now, but as I go, I will bind my sould with yours to be with you while you remain. She stepped away, still facing him and shed a single tear which darkened the clay floor and shook it as she faded from sight. a warmth and happiness never before felt by the prince filled him, with her he knew he would finally be complete. and only with her. she was with him but he wanted to hold her in his arms and explore the world. and he knew that without his fading, this would not happen. So he wrote a letter to his brother to explain: although I have not completed my tasks of this lifetime, I must move on to another. My love, my completeness lies with bonding to JaliaJen who has chosen the fading of her order. tell those who ask that I believed it was time to pass on. I will be in my room." ... He sent this message with a runner, lay upon his bed and out of his skin and on to the place of life choosing.

Jeromy loved the fall. Green leaves burst forth in hues that flamed red like her hair. Long and lush, she found it difficult to control . She served as her mother had before her (so anyway, they're not permitted to have permanent relationships, but to keep the cheiftains happy and to keep thier class infused with new blood. they would allow the cheiftains to participate in thier fertility rites, and this is the only time they would interact iwth the females. Jeromy is paired once with her love and at this pairing, they recognise one another. she has a child with him, a son. and he cannot see them again. la la he's killed in a battle. she offers self for sacrifice after binding again. several lifetimes pass.

she marries of a fear of not marrying. so many lives without him. hope fades. and then they find one another again. this is impossible- but they can talk and share secrets they can tell no others. again.


shatter- scatter shards of spun glass
glittering, shimmering in the moonlight
as they chatter they only gleam more
thinkings pleasantly fade

















stuff by Jim Currier




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