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Material in this section is written here for my own use. Taken from the 21 lessons of Merlyn by Monroe, published by lewellyn.



Spell of Making
Threshold experiences may be triggered by the unique combination of sounds within the Spell of Making; traditionally it is always recited three times in succession. In order to facilitate experimentation, a phonetic breakdown is below ... Memorize it, learn to breathe and dream it, then be creative with its use. Results will follow.

Ah elf-in todd deer sin-din dew, care-ig oo-ur fair-loo-rig noon.
Oh's sear-ee-eth ehk sah-fair too, fair eck-lehn more, ne-krom-bore loon

Rites of Assumption - Song of Taliesin relates to the past, the 'I have been'; Song of Amergin relates to the present, the 'I am'; Song of Bluestar relates to the future, the 'I will be'.

Song of Taliesin- once widely recited as a spiritual affirmation, this prose evokes personal power by declaring the ranks through which the Magician has risen, in order to attain his present position. It is most effectively performed within a stone circle to confine and concentrate energy toward you at the center, aloud, in the manner of a declaration. Choose an incense from amongst the poem's symbolism, or burn Mistletoe upon the ash-bed of an Oak fire if possible, or flowers of broom- the sacred flower of Taliesin

Primary Bard to Elphin am I
And my country is the region of the summer stars
Many have called me Merddin,
But at length every man will call me Taliesin
I have been a herdsman, and traveled over the earth.
I have slept in a hundred islands, guest of a hundred kings.
I have dwelt in a hundred cities.
For a year and a day, I was in fetters...

I have been a fierce bull and a yellow buck.
I have been a boat upon the sea.
I have been the foam of water.
I have been a drop in the air.
I have journeyed high as an eagle.

I have been a tree-stump in a shovel.
I have been an axe in the hand.
I have been a spotted snake on a hill.
I have been a wave breaking on the beach.
On a boundless sea I was set adrift...

Then for nine months I was little Gwion
In the womb of Caridwen,
And at length was Taliesin

I have been at the throne of the distributor.
I have stood high upon the white hill.
I was fluent before being gifted with speech.
I have been teacher to all intelligences.
I have singly built the tower of Nimrhod.

I am the tetragrammaton.
I am a wonder whose origin is not known.
I shall be until the day of doom upon the earth,
and it is not known whether my body is flesh or fish.

Learned druid,
Prophesy of Arthur?
or is it me they celebrate?


The Song of Amergin- Once as widely known as today's Christian Apostle's Creed, this beautiful poem traces back to 600 BC Ireland. This assumption prose declares a Druid's personal power in the present, by saying that he is now "greater than the sum of all his parts" ... a mighty composite being, able to draw upon the experience and skills of countless prior transmigration. Burn Dragon's blood as incense, and if possible, perform this high upon a windswept cliff or hill.

I am a Wind of the Sea
I am a Wave of the Sea
I am a Sound of the Sea
I am a Stag of Seven Tines
I am a Hawk upon a Cliff

I am a Ray of the Sun...
I am the Fairest among Flowers
I am a Savage Boar in Valour
I am a Salmon in a Pool
I am a Lake upon a Plain

I am a Hill of Poetry
I am a Spear-point in Battle
I am a God who Kindles Fire in the Head!

Who but I can unfold the secrets of the unhewn Dolmen?
Who but I make known the ages of the Moon?
Who but I can show the secret resting place of the Sun?


The Song of Bluestar-this poem seems to be as unique as the plant about which it was composed. Also referred to as the Spiral Rite, it is the shortest of any of the nine Assumptions given within the Pheryllt text, as well as being the only one specified alongside a particular symbol. Song of bluestar is an assumption prose dealing with spiritual potential... the "I can and will become..." of the three poems: The Future. Bluestar is actually a viney flower- identical to today's common variety of blue morning flory. It is a plant with a fascinating history of religious use, extending back as far as ancient Sumeria, Egypt and Greece, through the Aztec's and more recently to the 1960's psychedelic "hippy movement" where its seeds were used to extract LSD (see R.A. Miller's book: The magical and ritual use of Herbs, Destiny Books, 1983). Its botanical name is Ipomoea violacea, and it is a member of the bindweed family. In ancient times, the flowers varied widely in color, depending upon the climate and terrain, from stark white to the sky blue more common today. Always, it has shared a symbolic archetype of the five-rayed star pattern (i.e. pentagram/Druid's foot) visible inside the flower. Also to the ancients, the sky and sea were the bringers of dreams and visions. It is therefore suggested that the seeds and/or leaves of the Bluestar, be burned as incense during the assumption, to help establish the optimum energy conditions. This brief prose is now given, exactly as recorded int eh Pheryllt and later translated by D.W. Nash:

"I will be as a bluestar upon a field of green, circling upward towards a golden sun."

The plant is also "sun-loving," and will not grow well out of direct sunlight. Use all these physical traits in your picture visualizations. Use all these physical trais in your picture visualizations. The spiral circle as well as the useage of the word 'circling' within the passage itself, gives weight to the idea that perhaps the bluestar also symbolized the spiral path of life birth and rebirth due to the natural tendency of its vines to spiral and climb around anything in its path. it is therefore suggested that the recitation be coupled with a spiral movement of the head and upper body from a seated position which beings slowly in a small, clockwise motion, builds to a large swaying circle, then recedes back in on itself counter clockwise.


Taken from Barddas...

3 Virtues of Wisdom..
To be aware of all things ~ To endure all things ~ To be removed from all things

3 Spiritual Instructors of Mankind
Mastery of Self ~ Mastery of World ~ Mastery of Unknown

3 Things a Man is
What he thinks he is ~ What others think he is ~ What he really is

3 Things that make re-birth necessary for man:
His failure to obtain wisdom ~ His failure to attain independence ~ His clinging to the lower self

3 Things to be controlled above all:
The hand ~ The tongue ~ Desire

3 Signs of Cruelty:
To needlessly frighten an animal ~ To needlessly tear plants and trees ~ To needlessly ask favors

3 People deservign of admiration
Those who look with love on the beauty of the earth
Those who look with love on little children
Those who look with love on a great work of art

3 Signs of Compassion
To understand a child's complaint ~ To not disturb an animal that is lying down
To be cordial to strangers

3 Things avoided by the Wise
Expecting the impossible ~ Grieving over the irretrievable ~ Fearing the inevitable
















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